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Slide Our preventative care allows you to keep doing what you enjoy The aim for all our clients is to continue to improve posture
and function of musculoskeletal system
Slide We aim to help your body back to fitness after you suffer an injury The aim for all our clients is to continue to improve posture
and function of musculoskeletal system
Slide We aim to help you stay fit and
healthy for as long as possible
Our massage therapy is a preventative program tailored
to your individual needs.
Slide Scanning and therapy designed
to return your freedom
Our Orthotics diagnosis and therapy aims to help you recover
or simply prevent further problems
Slide We aim to help you stay fit and
healthy for as long as possible
Our massage therapy is a preventative program tailored
to your individual needs.


What to expect in a consultation?

On arriving at our clinic, the client fills out a short questionnaire. To perform the scans a patient will have to reveal their spine & legs. For men, shorts are perfect, for women, a sports bra/top and shorts will suffice and you are more than welcome to have a chaperone present with you for the appointment.


The scan itself is performed in a clinical room. The Scanning specialist will be in the room too, to direct you how to stand for the scan & direct you how to stand, walk and run if necessary on the dynamic scanning pressure system for your feet. The static scan will take about approx. 1 minute, the motion scan differs only by the fact that the patient will be walking on a specialised pressure plate system up to 5 minutes. Appointments (type dependent) take between 45minutes and 1 hour. Each appointment includes all relevant scans, interpretation, explanation, report sent via email and a care plan.



Scan results are available immediately which will be fully explained in the appointment. The client will then receive a PDF report via email. They will fully understand what there injury is, what is causing it and simple tactics to overcome it. Furthermore, as part of the JE Scan and Plan initiative, the client will also have a specific and tailored care plan with online accessible exercises to very quickly get them on the road to recovery and pain free asap.

Covid-19 procedures

Please read our Covid-19 checklist;

  1. If you have any symptoms of Cough, Fever, Breathing difficulty or High temperature, please reschedule your appointment and do not attend the clinic.
  2. If you have had close contact with a suspected case and without self-isolating for two weeks please reschedule and do not attend the clinic.
  3. If you recently travelled abroad without self-isolating for two weeks please reschedule and do not attend the clinic.
  4. On arrival at the clinic your temperature will be checked by a member of our team.
  5. You shall be required to wear a mask and sanitise your hands during the appointment.
  6. Only one adult is allowed into the clinic room unless you’re a minor being accompanied by a parent or guardian or requested a chaperone be present).
  7. All therapists will be in full PPE equipment.
  8. The clinic room from the front door to all equipment is sterilised in between each patient.
  9. We encourage card payments.


Our Covid-19 operating procedures are in place to protect you and our staff. If you are not willing to follow these simple procedures then a member of our staff will refuse to treat you and end the appointment.

What services does JE Care & Consultants provide?

JE Care provides state of the art methods of postural scanning. Feet, legs, spine, Back, & Pelvis analysis. We also provide Injury screening, Sports Performance analysis and Scoliosis screening. No referral is necessary. The highly qualified members of our team perform and interpret all scans.


Our clinical assessment centre prides itself and is dedicated to finding the root cause of your injury or Back pain. We provide a full, detailed explanation with each client followed up with a PDF report to keep which is easily understandable. On leaving our clinic each client understands what is wrong with them, why it has happened and how to resolve it. This approach to injury is data driven from the results of the scan, a rehabilitation exercises on an online platform (easy to follow pictures, videos and explanations) along with a treatment plan in place for you.

I have the Scan, what then?

Once our scans have been performed we analyse the data and advise you on the correct course of action. Our scans provide evidence based assessments which in turn lead to an evidence based treatment approach. This leads to far more advanced and better outcomes.


We provide a care plan bespoke and totally unique to you. that involves advice, exercises and stretches on how to start correcting the issues we find. This care plan is included with all our services, we can offer the treatment inhouse with expert therapists or you can use the service as advise and data to then work on with a therapist you may already have a relationship with and feel comfortable with.


We also have a network of professionals we can refer you to for further investigations if we feel this is necessary. Furthermore, when currently undergoing treatment with another professional, we encourage you to discuss our scan results with them. They should understand the results of the reports provided but we can always liaise with them free of charge to help them understand you and your treatment plan with confidence.

What is the difference between the Scan and MRI?

Our Scan is  radiation and magnetism free. We scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically with an IPAD & Structure sensor which allows rapid 3D scanning of objects and people. With High quality IMU & a visible, ultra-wide angle camera on board. The foot (feet) we scan dynamically in motion to find the root cause of an injury. Our scans use thousands of tiny sensors to assess patterns of movement and strain occurring in the feet, spine, pelvis, legs, head and neck.


MRI scans on the other hand look internally, generally only one specific area of the body at a time by using magnetism. They are generally performed lying down and statically. Both scans are completely different giving a great deal of information. MRI may detail disc bulges or disc degenerative disease whereas our scans would seek the strain on the spine that may be predisposing the MRI findings in the first instance.

I'm seeing a Physio, can JE Care help?

Absolutely. The level of detail we provide on any injury is unmatched. We provide objective & diagnostic results for a professional, thus removing any inaccurate subjective assessment carried out by your current clinical therapist. This allows for greater evidence based assessment and treatment. All therapists want to get their clients better (well they should do)! With our scans they can precisely tailor a treatment plan.


Therefore, treatment, recovery & even diagnosis after one of our scans should be extremely successful, much quicker & less money spent on the couch. We also provide our own care plan to clients.