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5 Reasons to Try Dry Needling Therapy for Pain Relief

5 Reasons to Try Dry Needling Therapy for Pain Relief

Each year, there is a growing interest in holistic wellness and fitness approaches. These wellness approaches have been curated from various ancient health techniques that minimize dependence on medications and promote safe recovery.

One such amazing wellness approach is Dry Needling Therapy. The same is a safe and effective treatment approach that can help to manage pain associated with trigger points.

Such approaches are quite popular for lower back pain relief but must be carried out by skilled therapists to promote relaxation. Dry needling also allows your body to recover naturally without impacting movements or impairments.

Opting for such therapy also allows you to –

• Overcome discomfort
• Handle restricted movements
• Improve body functions
• Overcoming tenderness

Dry Needling Therapy

How dry needling therapy works?

The therapy has expert intervention whereby a hair-thin needle is inserted. Although the mechanism seems similar to acupuncture yet these use a special system that allows depolarising the tissues.

Other benefits of switching to this therapy are –

1. Improve physical health

When trigger points are targeted, it allows for effective management of lactic acid and chemicals. Once this is removed, the oxygenated blood flows to the region.

2. Reduces pain

This is important for relieving pain and can promote healing. Further, it is found to be effective in reducing tightness and knots in muscles. This helps to restore function and allows you to achieve the best physical activity minus pain and discomfort.

3. Reduces the need for pain relief medications

Problems in one area can trigger in other areas and you may find yourself struggling with issues like headaches, and neck and back pain. This may force you to take over-the-counter medications which can be easily eliminated through dry needling. It helps to control these symptoms and overcome requirements for more invasive treatments.

4. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies

It is common to combine dry needling with other forms of therapy for quick results. The same may be accompanied by exercise, massage, and hands-on therapy for the best results. It can help to make other movement therapies effective, improve running gait, etc.
It is also used to address myofascial pain and similar issues so that the muscles are not easily manipulated using other therapies. It is also effective in addressing latent trigger points.

5. Treating numerous physical issues

Dry needling is also useful to help treat patients who are suffering from tension, pain, movement impairments, etc. It is also found to be an effective treatment for chronic issues –

• Arthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Herniated discs
• Knee pain
• Muscle strains
• Nerve issues and disorders
• Plantar fasciitis
• TMJ disorder
• Herniated discs

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