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Slide Our preventative care allows you to keep doing what you enjoy The aim for all our clients is to continue to improve posture
and function of musculoskeletal system
Slide We aim to help your body back to fitness after you suffer an injury The aim for all our clients is to continue to improve posture
and function of musculoskeletal system
Slide We aim to help you stay fit and
healthy for as long as possible
Our massage therapy is a preventative program tailored
to your individual needs.
Slide Scanning and therapy designed
to return your freedom
Our Orthotics diagnosis and therapy aims to help you recover
or simply prevent further problems
Slide We aim to help you stay fit and
healthy for as long as possible
Our massage therapy is a preventative program tailored
to your individual needs.

Client Testimonials


A big thank you to James for putting my knee to rights, I had a few sessions as when I had knee problems I could not wait for physio via the NHS as I had a holiday of a lifetime planned in USA, especially San Francisco which would involve lots of walking up very steep hills. James set me to work and I am pleased to say my knee held up well in the States and is getting better all the time. On my return the NHS physio came through and on an assessment with them the form they asked me to complete for pain levels was moderate, a few weeks back it would have been severe. I no longer qualify for physio as am on the mend, not there yet but James put me on the right path and if I need the odd top up session I would be more than happy to go to James again. Thank you James I am carrying on with the exercises and hope to go from strength to strength.

Karina Wickham


I have been having physio with James for the last 7 months, I have had physio before, however not had as good results as I am currently getting. James has managed to cure my constant back pains, issues with my hips and groin. James is now working on my knees, they were so bad I struggled to drive a manual car and walk up and down stairs as they wouldn’t fully bend. I am now able to fully squat now which I never thought I would. I always find the surgery very welcoming and comfortable, I am extremely happy with my treatment and would fully recommend them.



I was suffering bad back pain for several weeks and my doctor’s medication was not helping at all. I decided to get in touch with Faye Pattison. She suggested I meet James to see how he could help me. He was so friendly putting me at ease and so professional in his treatment. He worked on my lower back and upper thigh muscles. The results were so good and I did look forward to my session of manipulation. The pain is all but gone I can walk better and am so pleased with the results of my treatment. Will be going back for holding sessions to make sure all stays well. Thank you James will certainly recommend you to anyone with similar problems.

Danuta Ducie


Following some clearing out of a friends shed, I pulled my back, and was in agony, barely able to walk, and sitting was even worse. Literally one session with James of combined soft tissue massage and acupuncture, and the next day I was on the mend. It took me a few days to get back to full mobility, but the severe pain and restriction of movement never returned. Brilliant Service, thanks James for sorting out my back.

Teresa Barrett


Having been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis 3 years ago I developed problems which have left me unable to walk any distance. During the year I have been treated by James and found to be very kind and considerate and who has improved my mobility and pain levels. I have also had two sessions of acupuncture with James recently to help with my sciatica pain. I have been able to get a good night’s sleep which has been fantastic whereas before I was having to get up at approximately 4:30am in order to move around to relieve the pain. I recommend the practice to friends and family.

Norma Clark


I’m an electrician using my body lots and often suffer with pain in the back and knees. I have been seeing James for the past few months and he has changed my life! I was really struggling to work due to my issues but I am now able to do all my working activities with confidence. My most recent issue was my knee as I spend lots of time kneeling so I have had Dry Needling which is so effective, acupuncture & taping which really helps!

Thank you James, I now know if I suffer with anything I can give you a call and you’ll sort it for me!

Mark Baines – Newgate Electrical


I have suffered with Scoliosis since the age of 13 and now in my mid 20’s, I have been seeing James for the past 6 months and really notice a difference!

His postural scan enabled me to see exactly what was going on with my skeleton and the foot scanning service is fab! I could see my foot pressures in real time exactly how they effect the rest of my body. James provided me with 2 separate reports one for the foot scan, one for the posture, along with direct access to his prescribed exercises online which I can log in at any time to ensure I’m doing the correct exercises and log my progress.

The Phits insoles are phenom, they are so comfy, supportive and I have full confidence in them as I’m now wearing the same insoles as Paula Radcliffe & Mo Farah!

Thanks for always being on hand for any concerns and questions I have

V.W – (25 year old scoliosis sufferer)