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Main Causes of Lower Back Pain and Its Treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Main Causes of Lower Back Pain and Its Treatment

The lumbar spine in the human body is crucial to support the same. It also helps to balance the body posture and weight effectively when performing activities like –

• Bending
• Twisting
• Coordinating the hips
• Maintaining posture by improving movements of the pelvis and feet.

However, due to heavy use, the muscles and ligaments in the region are susceptible to injuries, wear and tears. This is the beginning of Lower Back Pain symptoms like –

• Dull ache in hips and pelvic area
• Muscular spasms
• Pain that is frequent in the morning
• Tingling sensation or sciatica
• Pain that worsens with sitting

However, the presence of the symptoms can vary depending on the actual cause of such problems.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Is it possible to manage Lower Back Pain resulting from injuries?

Managing Lower Back Pain resulting from injuries, sprains and strain is important. Injuries resulting from heavy lifting, playing sports, etc. can also be tough. Ultimately, it may result in poor posture.

Strained muscles can be managed by undergoing specific treatment options.

Although options like the following are available –
• Anti-inflammatory medications
• Muscle relaxers
• Heat packs
• Ice packs, etc.

However, these solutions offer temporary relief from Lower Back Pain and reduce inflammation to promote healing.

Effective and holistic Lower Back Pain treatment

By undergoing holistic Lower Back Pain treatment options, it is easy to recover from sore muscles and injuries easily.

Most lower back issues arise due to poor oxygen circulation to the region. This causes a decreased production of lactic acid, and muscular spasms and ultimately helps to get rid of muscle issues. Regular massages through trained professionals help to release chemicals that alleviate the problems and help you to return to your earlier state. Such massages are also a vital factor for the body’s natural mechanism and help to bolster the body against chronic pain.

One such effective method is neuromuscular therapy offered by The Dry Needling Therapists. Such a holistic wellness approach works wonders for soft tissues and eliminates back pain.

How does neuromuscular therapy work?

Choosing such therapy means applying alternate pressures using knuckles, fingers, etc. This reduces spasms and pain through expert intervention.

Choosing the professionals with the right level of training ensures that the technique is followed rigorously and comprehensively. With the use of pressure on the sore muscles, it is easy to attain the enhanced blood flow needed for recovery.

With the same, it is easy to alleviate chronic muscle issues and disorders. It is also used to fix trigger points, attain effective circulation and overcome postural or repetitive movements. The idea is to go to the source of pain and take steps to reduce it through trained experts.

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