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Lower Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

Lower Back Pain Treatments

Lower Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

If no other lower back pain treatment works for you, you have come to the best place. Around 97% of the cause of back pain is mechanical issues to treat easily and fast. But for the remaining potential reasons, diagnosing it with the proper specialists is vital not to make the pain a serious problem or even become bedridden. But two out of three adults suffer from some sort of back pain at some point in life. Also, back pain is the number two reason for adults to visit doctors and the number one reason for orthodontic visits.

So, you should know about the causes of back pain, the importance of proper diagnosis, and the best lower back pain treatment to live an everyday and happy life again.


What are the causes of back pain?

The posterior part from the neck to the pelvis of the body’s trunk in the back is an intricate structure of bones, muscles, and tissues. Its complex structure of all of it makes it vulnerable to causing pain and inflammation, especially in older people. The causes of lower back pain include, among others.

• Mechanical lower back pain is the cause for 97% of the cases because of muscle strain, herniated disc, or bulging of the disc between the vertebrae into the spinal cord space to cause pain, spondylolisthesis or slippage of one vertebral boy on the other, spinal stenosis because of pressure on the spinal nerves or cord, and osteoarthritis or break of cartilages.

• The body’s inflammatory healing response of the body to reacts to injuries to the muscles, ligaments, discs, and joints causes severe pain.

• Infections though rare, cause lower back pain with fever or chills, and the most vulnerable to it are dialysis patients, those with recent surgery or skin infections, and IV drug, users

• Tumours on the back also may cause severe lower back pain.

• Fracture of any bones in the spinal cord or others in the back

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Why is a proper diagnosis essential for lower back pain?

If the lower back pain persists for a long time, you need to see a specialist with proper diagnosing facilities, like scans and other tests, which is essential. Only with the appropriate diagnosis, the root cause of the pain is easy to know to give the proper treatment.

What is the lower back pain treatment?

The following are the best back pain treatment as per the diagnosis.

• Medications like NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and others to prevent back spasms and relax muscles

• PT or physical therapy to strengthen muscles to support the spine to improve flexibility and avoid further injury

• Hands-on manipulation, like chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, relaxes tight muscles, reduces pain, and improves alignment and posture to restore function.

• Injections and surgeries are the last options.

The above facts will convince you to see the best specialist for the best lower back pain treatment to be active and healthy again.

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