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Benefits of Post-Surgery Massage Therapy

Post Surgery Massage Therapy

Benefits of Post-Surgery Massage Therapy

Following surgery, a massage may be an essential form of care. There are many different reasons why someone might have surgery. The removal of lymph nodes due to cancer is one of the most popular surgical procedures, along with cosmetic surgery. A person may usually experience pain, inflammation, scarring, and lymphedema after surgery. Increased swelling and pain may result from lymphatic system damage or blockage. A massage after surgery can be beneficial because it promotes faster healing, activates the lymphatic system, and reduces scar tissue.

Types of Post-Surgery Massage Therapy

Various massage techniques can be used for postsurgical massage. The following types of massage are used:

1. Deep tissue massages: The deepest levels of the muscles and fascia tissue are massaged. A deep tissue massage will help to ease tension, enhance flexibility, minimize pain, and speed up healing. It can be used to cure muscular adhesions by dissolving tough fibrous tissue and realigning the muscles back to their natural position.

Post Surgery Massage Therapy

2. Soft Tissue Therapy: Soft tissue therapy can significantly speed up the healing process by lowering the tension and compression stress on your body.

3. Dry Needling Therapy: Although not a massage technique, dry needling can be very profound in speeding up tissue repair post-surgery. By inserting very small, tiny stainless steel needles into specific sites within the troubled muscle/s, dry needling alleviates muscular discomfort. Without the use of medicines or medication, this precise intramuscular stimulation can be very successful in promoting healing, reducing discomfort, and increasing the range of motion.

4. Remedial Massage: It is developed for the treatment of both deep and superficial tissues. Remedial massage can be used specifically to relax or to reduce pain and restore the body’s soft tissues and muscles to normal.

Benefits of Post-Surgery Massage Therapy

Some of the benefits are listed below:

1. Soft Tissue Repair: it helps to increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body, notably in the treated area. The circulation has improved, making it simpler to provide nutrients to specific regions. Soft tissues can heal more quickly with an increase in nutrients.

2. Less Scar Tissue: It helps to reduce the amount. Additionally, it can aid in removing any existing scar tissue and encourage the regeneration and healing of these troublesome areas.

3. Accelerated Healing: The body will heal more quickly overall with improved circulation, better access to nutrients, and just a general decrease in stress. The body will become more flexible and regenerate and repair more quickly as a result of improved blood flow and oxygen supply to your vital organs and tissues.

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