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An Useful Guide to Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics

An Useful Guide to Foot Orthotics

Is it time for your feet to ache once again? Do you want to see if a simple shoe insert can help? It’s possible. However, depending on the nature of the problem, you may require an “orthotic.”

Foot Orthotics for Curing Foot Injuries are custom-made shoe and heel inserts that a specialist recommends for your individual needs.

Biomechanical specialists prescribe orthotics to cure foot, knee, or back problems. Continue reading to learn about the ailments that orthotics can help with and how successful they can be. They’re prescription medical devices that you put underneath your footwear to treat biomechanical foot difficulties like walking, standing, or running problems. They can offer support with diabetic foot discomfort, tendonitis, bursitis, and arthritis, shin splints, Achilles pain, knee pain and so on. Orthotics have even helped people from having surgery and reduced the rate of wear and tear on their joints by correcting feet issues.

Foot Orthotics

How will a Podiatrist or foot specialist diagnose?

If you have severe foot and heel pain, you should consult either a podiatrist, an orthopedic surgeon or a biomechanical foot specialist like those at JE Care – The practitioners understanding in foot and ankle disorders are superior to those of a general practitioner.

• They’ll begin by inquiring about your symptoms. All possible questions are answered in the initial consultation; what made the worst, and what helps, previous medical history like surgeries for example.
• Your therapist will then examine your feet physically. They’ll assess for abnormalities and particularly painful spots or stress areas.
• The specialist will ask you to perform a range of static and dynamic movements so that they can see how your feet, as well as ankles and knees are placed during specific movements.
• At JE Care we provide you with a customized foot scan using the RS Footscan® imaging pads. The data will illustrate where and how pressures are distributed through your feet and help understand the reasons of the injury.
• Traditional scanning of your foot, such as an X-ray, bone density scan, and MRI, may also be recommended. This can aid in detecting areas affected by arthritis, injury, or damage due to trauma
• When offering treatment suggestions, a specialist will consider every one of these diagnostic methods, including the possibility of prescribing orthotics.

Foot Orthotics

Types of Foot Orthotics for Curing Foot Injuries


Foot orthotics are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

• Orthotics are available in a multitude of materials that can be personalized. The specialist will issue an orthotic recommendation based on a patient’s situation and symptoms.

• Orthotics come in various materials, ranging from hard (typically constructed of carbon fiber or plastic) to accommodating (extremely flexible and cushioning). This is all taken into account by the scanning system and the therapist based on patients height, weight, foot type and symptoms.

• Most ranges of shoes like football, golf, even ski boots have a specific shape and size to them which the Phits orthotics have bespoke designs for, for the perfect fit!

• You may read more here on ankle-foot orthotics, RS Footscan®, and the Phits orthotics.

• For those who have postural issues with their feet or legs, JE Care may prescribe custom foot orthotics. This includes people who have weak legs as well as foot muscles.

Foot Orthotics

Several factors: complicate the success of orthotics

• the one who makes the orthotic’s education and experience
• a prescription from the doctor
• the footwear that a person wears
• how frequently a person uses the orthotic

There has been researched that shows that orthotics can help with foot and ankle disorders. Yet, many of them emphasize the importance of having a well-fitting orthotic and wearing it correctly.

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