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Athletes Foot Orthotics

Athletes Foot Orthotics

Athletes Foot Orthotics

A Guide to Athletes Foot Orthotics

Athletes’ foot is caused due to fungal infection. Fungus thrives in the toe region when there is sweat due to socks and footwear. It is a contagious infection that spreads due to communal activities, for example, spreading through public swimming pools and changing rooms. The usual symptoms include:

  • Persistent itching between toes
  • Blisters or small spots.
  • Red rashes
  • Cracked skin
  • Peeling of skin

One of the effective treatments for athletes’ feet is orthotics. What is it? Also called foot orthoses or athletes, foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts meant for foot support. In the process, they help the posture of the foot. Orthotics help people who have chronic issues with their feet or legs. Foot orthotics are advised when the issue interferes with the daily functioning of the feet.

Runners and sports mostly use orthotics like marathons, sprints, etc. In such sports, the runners have more chances of hurting their feet, developing conditions like plantar fasciitis, etc. They also have high chances of developing athletes’ feet as their feet are continuously surrounded by moist conditions that are the best breeding grounds for fungus responsible for athlete’s foot.


Buying the right athlete’s foot orthotics

  1. Focus on buying slim and thin supports but have layers to offer effective support to the feet.
  2. When buying orthotics, you must wear your footwear or shoes that you wear regularly. It is because the orthotics need to fit flawlessly with your shoes to offer optimized support to your ankle and foot.
  3. When buying foot orthotics, you need first to understand your foot and the issue you are aiming to get relief from. Remember, the objective is to get proper support for your foot and go through your daily life without hassle. Therefore, choosing over-the-counter inserts are not advised. The best thing is to contact experts like JE Care to custom make the orthotics.
  4. Consider the duration for which you need to wear the orthotics every day. Some people have active jobs where they need to stand regularly, or some runners need to wear orthotics while running to prevent injuries. Such people will require foot orthotics different from those required by people who sit continuously or hardly move out of the home.
  5. It is always good to consult with professional experts before going in for orthotics. Podiatrists study the foot and assess the condition to understand how the orthotics can correct the issue and offer effective support to minimize pain and injury. Visiting experts at JE Care, Chelmsford, Sussex, are highly advised to get maximum proactive results from foot orthotics.
  6. Ensure that the designs are applicable for both men and women. Some orthotics fit with different types of footwear like boots, shoes, dress shoes, etc. It gives you greater choices.

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