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How to identify and treat back and pelvis pain

Back and pelvis scanning

How to identify and treat back and pelvis pain

How to identify and treat back and pelvis pain

Low back pain is a common symptom that affects many people during their life. For some, low back pain can be an acute, short-term problem. With back and pelvis  pain, others experience chronic, long-term symptoms. Appropriate testing can show whether the pain is from the hip, spine, or SI joint.

The three components of SI joint function may be affected by everyday wear and tear, degenerative arthritis, an injury, loss of muscle strength, or the hormonal, muscular and postural changes that occur during and after pregnancy. Other surgeries such as spine surgery may limit motion above or below the SI joint making it more susceptible to wear and tear and subsequent pain.

Many structures in the lower back and pelvic area can cause pain, including the SI Joint. Here are just a few:

  • Slipped Disc: Most commonly, people think of a “slipped disc” as a cause of low back pain.
  • Hip Problems: Occasionally, hip problems can be confused with low back conditions.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis of the back can cause low back pain.
  • Degeneration secondary to scoliosis: This is also a cause of pain in the lower back, buttons, and pelvic region.
  • SI Joint Pain: The SI joint is an often overlooked cause of low back pain.


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