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How we treat Back and pelvis pain

Back and pelvis pain treatment

How we treat Back and pelvis pain

How we treat back and pelvis pain

When you are suffering and cannot determine the difference between back and pelvis pain there are a few things you can try to help. Its very hard to differentiate because lower back and pelvis pain are very similar and it feels like its painful across the entire lower back. This often refers to the hips and bottom muscles and on occasions down the legs too.

As your pelvis is lower down your body, on the bony parts and when painful is often felt lower down. Whereas back pain can be felt too but often above the pelvis line. Lumbar spine pain is typically felt much more locally in the back than pelvis.

Issues in the pelvis often arise from the Sacro Iliac joint (SIJ). The SIJ gives tightness in the bottom area and usually the hamstring but is not usually painful apart from when you try to run or exercise.

Lower back pain, of course, can be very painful and can give sharp pain into the bottom muscles, groin, thigh and lower leg as far as the foot.

Our Back and Pelvis Pain Treatments

We are are the front line of low back pain treatment with exercise being the treatment of choice. We offer a scanning facility which enables us to identify the cause early and provide the right treatment to reduce your discomfort and improve your wellbeing

What you may not know

  • Your back is much stronger than you may think – the spine is strong and not easily damaged, so in most instances, the pain will be down to a simple sprain or strain
  • You may not need a scan
  • Avoid bed rest and get moving (but avoid aggravating activities)
  • Do not fear bending or lifting – do it in a way that is comfortable, using the hips and knees (ask us if you need help)
  • Remember that exercise and activity can reduce and prevent back pain, along with an understanding how to lift and move correctly
  • Painkillers will not speed up your recovery they only mask the the pain
  • Surgery is rarely needed when you consult with us
  • Get good quality sleep if you can, because it will help you feel better overall
  • You can have back pain without any damage or injury
  • If it doesn’t clear up, seek help but don’t worry – book an appointment if the pain persists


Visit our back and pelvis scanning page here or if you prefer, make a booking now for a consultation