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Malignant Melanoma (Footcare)

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Malignant Melanoma (Footcare)

Malignant Melanoma is a serious condition that always requires medical attention and early diagnosis is essential. Malignant melanoma can appear on the foot or under the nails with UV exposure being the biggest cause of skin cancer. The below article gives information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of malignant melanoma in the foot.



Malignant Melanoma Causes

UV light is a major cause of skin cancer, whether from the sun or an artificial source, such as a tanning bed. UV rays damage the DNA in skin cells. This affects how they grow and divide.

Regular and intense exposure to sunlight significantly increases the risk of melanoma.

However, the role of UV light in the development of melanomas on nonexposed areas, such as the sole of the foot, remains unclear.

Melanoma on rarely exposed areas of skin may result from genetic changes that are different from those in areas that receive regular exposure to sunlight.

Other risk factors for melanoma include:

  • existing moles
  • pale skin, freckles, and light hair
  • a family or personal history of melanoma
  • xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare genetic disorder that leads to an impaired ability of the skin cells to repair damaged DNA and can increase the risk of melanoma in younger people Melanomas rarely occur before

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