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Pelvic CT Scan


Pelvic CT Scan

An Overview of Pelvic CT Scan

The Pelvic cavity, pelvic floor, bony pelvis, and perineum all together form the pelvis. It is in the form of a basin and has a vital role to perform in our day-to-day lives. The pelvis supports the spinal column and ensures that the organs between the abdomen and the legs are well-protected. The bony pelvis structure consists of the sacrum, which is spade-shaped, the tail bone or the coccyx, and the three hip bones called the ilium, pubis, and ischium.

A Pelvic CT Scan helps experts understand the root cause of issues in the region. Two of the common issues of the pelvis are features and osteitis pubis. In the former, a fracture is caused by a large force, and even though the fractured bone may heal over a period on its own, it can leave some of the abdominal organs harmed. In the latter case, the pubic symphysis is inflamed. The pubic symphysis is the movable joint located on the front side of the pelvis. Any issue in this region causes pain and swelling and might require a detailed pelvis scanning to get to the real cause of the issue.


A Pelvic CT Scan is a diagnostic imaging test. The doctor usually advises detecting issues concerning the abdominal region like the colon, small bowel, etc. It is a fast and painless method, completely non-invasive to understand the reason for pain in the region. Computed Tomography of the pelvis or CT needs to be done by a medical professional trained in this niche.

How is pelvis scanning different from pelvic CT scans?

Both are branches of radiology and use imaging methods to scan the pelvic region. Pelvis scanning involves getting visual illustrations of the abdominal organs and the bone structure in and around the pelvis. It is a three-dimensional (3D) scan that offers a detailed look via images of the different parts of the region. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure with closer to accurate results. In women, an ultrasound of the pelvis is usually done before scanning though pregnant women are advised not to undergo the scan. In general, the scan helps professionals get a macroscopic and microscopic view of the organs, bones, tissues, etc., which helps diagnose the medical problem and work out a relevant treatment strategy.

Pelvis scanning at JE Care

Patients suffering from pain and inflammation in the pelvic region, like back pain, can visit JE Care in Chelmsford, Essex. Also called back scanning, the radiation-free method forms a 3-D image of the area detailing the entire pelvis region, the spine, legs, joints, etc., to point out the dysfunctional part responsible for the patient’s pain. JE Care is a reputed clinic for scanning where utmost care is taken to offer patients premium quality and safe services.

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