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Plantar Wart or Plantar Verruca

Plantar Wart or Plantar Verruca

Plantar Wart or Plantar Verruca

What is Plantar Wart or Plantar Verruca?

A verruca is a common condition found on the bottom (Plantar) area of the foot. Caused by   the human papillomavirus (HPV), some patients report pain when pressure is applied to the verruca. Verruca’s very often disappear on their own, however, there are some over the counter treatments available. Alternative treatments are cryotherapy (freezing) or minor surgery. Advice should be sought if you notice any new growths, severe pain or bleeding.

For more information regarding the causes, symptoms and treatment for Verrucas please visit https://www.bupa.co.uk/health-information/healthy-skin/warts-and-verrucas

Tips for avoiding and managing warts and verrucae?

It’s hard to completely avoid coming into contact with HPV but you can take the following precautions to help protect against warts and verrucae:

  • Don’t touch other people’s warts or verrucae.
  • Don’t share towels, socks or shoes with others.
  • Wear flip flops around the pool or communal changing areas.
  • If you have a wart or verruca, cover it with a waterproof plaster when swimming.
  • Don’t touch, scratch or pick your wart or verruca as it’s more likely to spread.
  • If you do or need to touch your wart or verruca, wash your hands after.
  • Change your socks daily if you have a verruca.


How to treat Plantar Wart or Plantar Verruca

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