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Trouble With Headaches Problem? Get Headaches Therapy by Experts in Chelmsford, UK

Causes of Headache

Trouble With Headaches Problem? Get Headaches Therapy by Experts in Chelmsford, UK

Most people suffer from headaches at some point or another throughout their lives. A headache is a discomfort in the head or face that is frequently described as throbbing, continuous, sharp, or dull. They are the most prevalent type of discomfort and the main cause of interruptions from work or school and doctor appointments. Most headaches are mild, but other types may indicate a more serious problem. According to WHO, around 50% of adults reported headache concerns & 30% of adults in the world between the ages of 18 and 65 have reported experiencing migraines.

Causes of Headache-

Common causes of headaches include genetics because headaches, particularly migraine headaches, frequently run in families, alcohol usage, skipping meals, changing sleeping patterns, and taking excessive amounts of medication, along with emotional stress and sadness.

Common Types of Headaches-

Here are some of the most prevalent headaches:

1. Tension Headaches: the most common type of headache in adults and teens. They cause mild to moderate pain and gradually disappear.

2. Migraine Headaches: characterized as a throbbing, crushing pain. Other symptoms include sensitivity to light, sound, or odors; nausea or vomiting; appetite loss; and an upset stomach or pain in the abdomen.

3. Cluster Headaches: most severe headache and involves a strong pain behind or around one eye, either burning or stabbing.

4. Chronic Daily Headaches: Commonly, it is one of the four primary headache types, including Chronic migraine, Chronic tension headache, New daily persistent headache & Hemicrania continua.

5. Sinus Headaches: sharp, ongoing pain in the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, or in cheekbones. They develop when the sinuses, which are cavities in your head, become inflamed.

6. Post-Traumatic Headaches: often begin 2-3 days following a head injury & involve irritability, concentration problems, lightheadedness etc.

Causes of Headache

Headaches Therapy in Chelmsford-

There are numerous therapies available. Treatment choices depend on the type, frequency, and cause of the headaches. It includes-

1. Stress management for Headaches: it involves ways to handle challenging circumstances. Stress management approaches include relaxation, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualisation, and listening to music.

2. Acupuncture for Headaches: This involves inserting acupuncture needles into muscle trigger points (typically of the upper trapezius muscle) along with traditional points along the meridian lines to calm the tension, reduce inflammation, settle pain and rebalance the body’s natural chi.

3. Biofeedback for Headache: helps to recognize when the body is becoming stressed, how the body reacts under pressure and how to calm it down. The body is connected to sensors for biofeedback. They keep track of the person’s uncontrollable physical reactions to headaches.

4. Soft tissue therapy for Headaches: manipulation of the soft tissues to reduce tension, increase blood flow, increased range of motion and reduce pain.

5. Mindfulness: helps reduce the measure of stress and anxiety that causes the pain to decrease the degree of the pain.

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