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A Guide to Symptoms and Treatments of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

A Guide to Symptoms and Treatments of Chronic Back Pain

Back pain has many forms – it can be a dull ache or sharp stabbing sensation.

For those with Chronic Back Pain, living with constant discomfort can be a major challenge. For many, the same can be a flare-up of the injuries sustained in high school while for others it can be due to poor posture.

Chronic Back Pain

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

A major issue with Chronic Back Pain is the presence of an underlying condition. An awkward movement or fall can trigger pain but the pain symptoms are long-lasting and can stick around for more than a few weeks.

Since chronic pain is long-term in nature, it often forces you to forgo regular physical activity and causes mobility issues.
Hence before seeking Chronic Back Pain treatment, it is important to identify the underlying causes of the same –

• Muscle deconditioning

Commonly termed muscle atrophy, the same is one of the leading causes of back aches. This situation occurs when the back muscles lack sufficient strength to support you. This is due to wear and tear of muscles.

The common cause of such problems is aging but lack of physical activity is another major contributor. Inactivity also causes muscles to shrink and weaken and your back is not able to support your ligaments or vertebrae. This makes you more prone to injuries.

•Improper body posture

Bad habits like poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle can put stress on the spine. It strains the soft tissues around it. Repeated stress ultimately takes a toll on your body posture and mechanics.

• Kyphosis

The problem can occur when you spend several hours bent over the keyboard. Excessive curving of the spine is another cause of chronic pain.

• Trauma

Events like accidents falls, and similar high-impact accidents can have a huge impact on your body structure. This can cause pain to flare up and take a toll on your physical health.

• Overuse of muscles

Regular use of limited muscles can create issues. Further, the situation may arise due to –

• Driving for longer periods
• Excessive sitting
• Repetitive motion activities like typing or walking
• Lifting excessive weights
• Sleeping in an odd position
• Poor mattress support


Research in the context also supports the fact that professional massage therapy can help manage back pain and associated issues effectively.

Chronic Back Pain

It also helps to relax body muscles and thus improves your gait and mobility. It also aids in the movement of muscles and improves the blood flow to your back areas. Hence you get ultimately rid of sore muscles and problems without undergoing expensive treatments or suffering side effects.

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